1º Seminário EUROSAI-AFROSAI e Comemoração do Aniversário do Tribunal de Contas

Decorre nos dias 21 e 22 de Novembro o 1º Seminário EUROSAI-AFROSAI e a Comemoração do Aniversário do Tribunal de Contas.

09h00-09h45 - Seminar Welcome
- Vítor Caldeira, President of Tribunal de Contas
- António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations (Message)

Progress on SDGs: Where do we stand?
- President of INTOSAI
- President of AFROSAI
- President of EUROSAI

09h45-10h15 - SESSION I- Introduction to the theme. A global view
- Representative of INTOSAI Secretary-General
- Representative of INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)

10h15-11h00 - A stakeholders view

I – The Portuguese perspective
- António Costa Dieb, President of the Agência para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão
- Mário Parra da Silva, President of Aliança ODS Portugal

II – The European Union perspective
- Susanne Wille, Senior Expert of Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission

11h00-11h30 - Coffee-break


SESSION II – Making a meaningful independent audit contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

I – Experiences on environmental audit
- Júlio Corrêa Pinheiro, Member of the Court of Auditors of the Brazilian State of Amazonas

II - The Regions experience - Roundtable moderated by the European Court of Auditors EUROSAI, AFROSAI and OLACEFS representatives
Interactive experience (Mentimeter)

12h40-14h15 - Lunch

14h30 – 16h15 - SESSION III- Workshops based on effective experiences of auditing for SDGs
16h15 – 17h00 - Introduction to the parallel workshops (Plenary Room)

Workshops 1 and 2: SAIs experiences in assessing the readiness of governments for the implementation of SDGs
Questions to be addressed during the discussion:
 Is it unavoidable to go beyond traditional financial and compliance focus in these audits? Is there a specific methodology to use?
 How to engage Parliament, Government and civil society in audits?

Workshop 1 (Room: Sala do Conselho): Cases of the SAIs of Germany, Hungary and Kenya
Moderator: SAI of Mali
Technical support: SAI of Portugal

Workshop 2 (Room: Sala de Formação): Cases of the SAIs of Belgium, Burkina-Faso and Comores
Moderator: Secretary-General of AFROSAI
Technical support: SAI of Portugal

Workshops 3 and 4: SAIs experiences in auditing specific SDGs
Question to be addressed during the discussion:
 Should SAI address all 17 SDGs or just one or two, and whether it should be a “whole of government” or “whole of society” approach?

Workshop 3 (Room: Sala 14) : Cases of the SAIs of Finland, Portugal and South Africa
Moderator: SAI of Spain
Technical support: SAI of Portugal

Workshop 4 (Room: Sala anexa ao auditório): Cases of the SAIs of Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Namibia
Moderator: SAI of Mozambique
Technical support: SAI of Portugal

(A coffee station will be available before the Plenary Session)

Plenary Session - Conclusions of SESSION III
Presentation by Moderators of the results from workshops

Para mais informações contacte directamente o Tribunal de Contas ou consulte o programa em anexo.

Hora: 09h00
Local: Salão Nobre do Ministério das Finanças
Organização: Tribunal de Contas

Programa: Anexo